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Jason Castle




🖤 Man of God • Attorney / Lawyer • Speaker • Expert Negotiator & Mediator • Father • My Brother’s Keeper • USMC Veteran • Politician • Citizen of the World ⚖️ Owner of the Law Practice: The Castle Firm, LLC Areas of Practice: ⚖️ Civil Rights ⚖️ Labor & Employment ⚖️ Criminal Defense ⚖️ Consumer Fraud ⚖️ Business Litigation ⚖️ Government Affairs ⚖️ Personal Injury 100% of all “Send Money” goes toward an effort to close the “access-to-justice gap” which currently exist and will be accomplished through the creation of a nonprofit law firm that will: 1) provide affordable legal services to individuals in need of legal representation. Legal representation will be provided on a sliding rate scale based on the individual client’s ability to pay; and 2) create a legal response team that can deploy to instances of injustice as they arise to provide legal services and representation in a rapid response capacity. Always “PITCH-ing” ™️ (Persuading, Inspiring, Teaching, Counseling, and spreading Hope) Founder of the “Ask A Lawyer” club. 🚨NOTICE: There are two “Ask A Lawyer” clubs, please look for the club with my Face in the club photo. Creator & Host of the Clubhouse Room: “⚖️ Ask A Lawyer—Come Get Information & Gain Perspective 🤔” 📍 NJ/NY Personally endeavoring to be a phenomenal father while closing the access-to-justice gap and professionally DISRUPTING the LAW by empowering and representing those in desperate need of EQUITY & JUSTICE