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Jasmine Hawkins




📇Co-Founder of Becoming Her Magazine 📖Founder of Golden Step Publishing LLC 📚Co-Author/Owner of Hawkins Divine Print™️ 🚨Creating Books for the Culture 🚨Helping Authors Create a Legacy For Themselves and Their Family 🌟Books about all issues we face as children and adults🌟 📚Website: 📇Website: 🗣Here to Network, Help Men and Women Create a Legacy by Publishing their Books and To Amplify Your Story —————————————————— 🩷 Becoming Her Magazine is a digital publication that focuses on empowering and inspiring women. We showcase stories of women from all walks of life who have overcome obstacles and achieved success in their personal and professional endeavors. —————————————————— ⭐️Golden Step Publishing LLC is an black owned publishing agency that specializes in facilitating the book publishing process with several carefully curated services. While we do not publish books ourselves, we provide illustrators, typesetters, formatters, and marketing tools, as required. We understand all the major and minor details that are involved in publishing a book and getting it in the hands of eager readers. That's why we decided to take our publishing knowledge and help other people in the process of publishing their books. —————————————————— 📚 Hawkins Divine Print was created to inspire the world with the content of our books and have a positive impact on the mind of those who read our books. We are committed to subtly building up the mind of our readers to be optimistic and in turn reflect on their surroundings. 📖 Books For The Family 📖 —————————————————— 📍Atlanta, GA ❤️Let’s get personal ❤️ 📖Instagram: BecomingHerMag 📚Twitter: Hawkins_Divine 📖Twitter: GoldenStepPubl 📚Instagram: HawkinsDivinePrint 📖Instagram: GoldenStepPublishing 📣Amplify Your Story: 👩🏾‍🏫FREE Discovery Call at: 🛍Shop: Cashapp: $goldensteppublishing PayPal: PayPal.Me/hawkinsdivineprint