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🚀 Co-Founder RevGenius (15,000+) 🎤 Co-Host Revenue Jobs Weds 6pm 🔌 @joinrevgenius | 👋 Co-Founder of RevGenius Club 💥 Co-Founder of Community Makers Club ⛓Former Head of Growth and Advisor to NFT 💌 [email protected] 🙏🏼 Are you a RevGenius? RevGenius is a community of revenue generating sales and marketing professionals brought together to learn, share, support, and grow with each other. You can consider us your alt work family! 🗣 Mission: educate, empower, inspire revenue pros We are at 11k members in 9 months and would love for you to join the movement! How can you join RevGenius? Go to -> sign up What is Revenue Jobs? Revenue Jobs is a RevGenius Brainchild leveraging the power of community to help put more people in work faster and help companies hire the best sales, marketing, and ops talent faster. Are you looking for a tech sales, marketing or revenue operations job? 💥Wednesday’s at 6 pm we have a regular Revenue Jobs Clubhouse room. 💥Also stay on the lookout for CH Tech Sales Jobs rooms and “Office Hours”. How can you sign up? Go to To post a job or look for a job in revenue: 🥇 Sales | Marketing | Revenue Ops 🔗 Crypto - Art - Growth Advisor @Portion 💰Need a job in sales, marketing, revops? 💥Join Wednesday’s at 6pm - Revenue Jobs MO is to give first and always and expect nothing in return. 📍NYC