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Juan Gabriel Gutiérrez




🗿 Ancestral Sounds | Primal Voices 👹 🎥 Experimental Ethnography 🎞 Acknowledging the distance we’re closer to the source. Throat singing, overtone chanting, sound journeying and mantra recitation. Anchorite cinema ———— 👉🏼 Join the Ancestral Sounds Circle ⭕️ 👉🏼 ———— With an experience of over 20 years, my work and knowledge taps into different traditions from all over the world, who use the vibrational qualities of sound to bring about transformation. Performed, composed, recorded and given workshops as a solo artist in Spain, Colombia and UK. Have set up projects like János Gábor, Kamadaklan and ION and participated as a guest musician in diverse recordings and projects, including contemporary rock and electronica band Conector and Aterciopelados’ Latin Grammy Award winner album ‘OYE’. ———- ♣️🏠 Follow the Ancestral Sounds club for 15min Sound Journey Meditations ————