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Janine Newberry




🌟 Radio Presenter on WRS - Womens Radio Station. Presenter & Producer of Eat Love Do Radio Show on WRS, weekly with 180k listenership & placed on 32 podcasts globally. Chatting all things health, nutrition, love, mindset, mental health, lifestyle, purpose & happiness. 🌟 Model 🌟 TV Presenter 🌟 Founder - Eat Love Do : transforming womens lives globally. 🌟Empowerment & Mindset Coach If you’re not getting the results you know you should be, then you need to have a chat with me. Hit me up here or on instagram. When we change everything around us changes. Our bank balances, our relationships, our careers/businesses, our bodies/health and how we see ourselves. The change starts with you. Ready to make the change? Then hit me up on insta & let’s chat. Founder of Eat Love Do. Human behavioural specialist. Intuitive badass. Master manifester. Lover of Life ❤️ I help people clear out the blocks that have been holding them back from having (& maintaining) loving relationships, enjoying fulfilling careers/businesses & creating a kickass lifestyle that they love! The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. It all starts with you. Over 20 years experience in personal development & transformation I’ve studied everything from neuroscience to spirituality. NLP master practitioner, Demartini facilitator, personal trainer, nutritionist, reiki master. Model. TV presenter. Property investor. Business owner. Coach. Events Organiser. Marketing. You name it... I’ve probably done it... Constantly learning, growing & looking forward the next adventure... 🧘❤️ DM on Instagram AKA Janineous 🤩