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Dr. Janice Gassam Asare




I help organizations create diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments💥 🐘 🏡 I co-host weekly conversations about collective Black liberation in The Pink Elephant Club every Tuesday 6pm EST 💡Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consultant ✊🏿Anti-racism Educator 📝PhD in Organizational Psychology 👩🏽‍🏫 Business Professor 🗣TEDx speaker ✍🏽 Senior Contributing Writer for Forbes 🎙 Podcast Host - Dirty Diversity podcast ⚫️ Amplifying Black Voices 🧠 10 years of experience facilitating racial dialogue 📹 23K are part of my YouTube Family 🟥 Name Pronounced JAN-ISS 👼🏽 Janice means “Gift from God” 🙏🏽 🏆 Founder of BWG Business Solutions - An award-winning consultancy designed to help companies and institutions create more inclusive and equitable environments. 🙏🏽 Clients have included Papa John’s, Yale University, Nordstrom, Amazon, Indeed, UBS and the Dr. Oz show 💻 Reach out to me if you’re interested in equity guidance for your organization or institution 🌞 An eternal optimist 🎨 Creativity is my superpower 💪🏽 ⛰ A firm believer in lifting others as I climb 📌She/Her/Hers 🇨🇲 Cameroonian Roots 🌍 Pursuing Black liberation globally 📍 Read my pinned tweet about reparations for Black Americans 🇺🇸 📚 I wrote two best-selling books on diversity and racial equity in the workplace. The first is called DIRTY DIVERSITY. 📖 Check out my new book The Pink Elephant 🐘 which focuses on strategies for creating an anti-racist workplace. Alum 👩🏾‍🎓 of: •VCU 🐏 : BS psychology •Louisiana Tech : MA I-O Psychology •Hofstra : PhD Org. Psych •LinkedIn: Janice Gassam Asare •YouTube: Janice Gassam •Email me 📧[email protected] • Let’s connect! I love to network 🔌 DM me for questions ⬇️⬇️⬇️