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Airtable、Asana、Canva、Skillshare、 Odyssey Plan - design your life CH 私董會 co-host Join us! Taking live notes: 👉🏻 link in IG too 🟡Ask me anything about 0-1 and MVP ✨📈 PM of 🤖A.I. Intelligent CCTV System, that helps decrease crimes 🇭🇰 🌵Bio-tech Environmental Product, that solves soil nutrient crisis 🇨🇳 📱Supply Chain Quality Management System, that makes sure e-marketplaces grow with quality supply 🇭🇰 🟡Creating value is the most important way to grow. 🟡Future Investor 📚📚📚 Sheryl Sandberg - Lean in Ben Horowitz - Hard thing about hard things Julie Zhuo - The making of a manager