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James E Poole IV




A humble man making a difference in the world. Son of a living angel. Father of 7 A grateful king, for my queen. Wealthy beyond measure in family and friends. Purpose – Break my generational bonds of fear and complacency, by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, leading those around me by showing up, not showing off, being an example of what is possible. “One has to look no further than the mirror to find the solutions to every problem in one’s life.” - James E. Poole IV Your story matters and never let anyone discount that! I believe in you and other people believe in you! Guiding the lost to the light. No rearview mirror, no looking back, who I was is not nearly as important as who I am becoming. More to come, I am still writing the book of my life. I am looking forward to meeting you. DC Metro Area / Let's get together! 1.571.839.7615 in a time of need don't hesitate.