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James Andrew




CEO/Technical Director at Global Liquidity, Creator of Lightning Bridge. 4/13 Live Interview with Tom Nash (190K subs) on the Coinbase IPO and the Future of Bitcoin : Medium Articles: The Instrinsic Value of a Bitcoin: Spotify/iTunes Artist: Global Liquidity ———— I Found my self running large Wall Street trading floors in 97 just after declining my high school diploma. We used to boot up CS and Quake as soon as the market closed for 20 on 20 matches. I used to operate one of the largest professional trading operations on NASDAQ with 24 trading floors, where we would boot up Quake and CS as soon as the market closed. I was an early pioneer of High Frequency Algorithmic trading, where I was the first to apply game-like real-time 3D graphics to markets. From 2013 to 2016 I had an independent VR game studio and eventually became Technical Director at the largest VR company in New York. I lectured a number of times at NYU and spoke at dozens of events surrounding VR. In 2017 I saw Crypto and Bitcoin trading becoming a big deal and set out to take my 3D skills back to markets. As a way to get into the world of Crypto I started organizing after-parties for every crypto event in New York and started a Telegram Group called James’ Crypto Tree House which became the definitive hub of Crypto culture in New York and beyond. I extended this to the Davos Snow Crew, where for three years, during the annual World Economic Forum, I’ve arranged ski and snowboard sessions for people, during the week of the event. In 2018 I started my company Global Liquidity where for two years I’ve been developing the most advanced electronic trading interface in the world, based on real-time 3D graphics, backed by institutional investors including BlockTower Capital and GSR Markets Very recently I’ve decided to bring it to the world first as a skill based game for real money, using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. We are in closed alpha with 400 users. Some things I know about: ➖Real-time 3D ➖Physically Based Rendering ➖Concurrency ➖Audio Engineering ➖Sound Design ➖Elastic Computing ➖Decentralization ➖Lightning Network ➖VR Design and Optimization ➖C++/C#/TypeScript ➖Market Microstrucure ➖HFT ➖Order Books and Matching Engines OCI/P Telegram :