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JaMarr John Johnson




🤩Entrepremedian🎭 🇺🇸Naval Officer🔱 💜Go-Giver👑 🎯TEDx Speaker🤓 🗣Transformational Speaker🎙 🏦Web3 Creator, w/Wit & Wisdom📈 BitCoin Class of 2014 $Rise Coin 🚨I help eComm, Service based & Coaching businesses fill their pipeline w/ Low cost High quality leads & automation processes that generates sales📈                  “Automation is to your time, what compound interest is to your money!” - JaMarr John Johnson 🚨If you are an Influencer🎉, Micro-Influencer🎊, or Podcaster🎤 DM 📥 me {{“Clubhouse” }} for my FREE guide 📑 on monitizing your list/ audience with one of the 150+ Brands that I manage with my Agency 🖥 📚My Gift to you along with these Major 🎹 ➡️➡️➡️ 🎁 _____________________________________ 💻 _____________________________________ I’ve walked 🏃🏾‍♂️10,147 miles for charity in 2020 & 2021 which helped raise $154k for Transioning Veterans which transformed my mind 🧠 body 💪🏾 & Spirit 🙏🏾 and in turn greatly impacted my business. I help eCommerce businesses 3x their ROAS  📈 with ChatBots 🤖 and Paid Ads - Fruit 🍎 is in the FollowUp 🔀 — I manage 20 brands and have partnerships with 150+ and counting! _____________________________________ I also Coach/Mentor 🏆individuals and groups across a multitude of critical soft skills from Speaking 🗣 & Selling 🤝 to Digital Marketing 💻 and SuperConnecting 🔌 Check out My free course on LinkedIn 🚨🚨 _____________________________________ As seen on 📺 ABC, NBC & MTV  - Award 🥇 winning speaker 🗣🎤 _____________________________________ 📚 Appearing in the new book by Mark Schaefer entitled “Cumulative Advantage: How to build momentum for your ideas, life, and business against all odds." Originally from NYC 🗽 currently in LA 📍 Avid ♟ chess player, daily hiker 🏃🏾‍♂️Board gamer 🕺🏾