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Jamal Vallair




Mindset Coach 🧠 Neuroscience Performance Coach |Transformational Speaker | I support Executives, Entrepreneurs and High Achievers with upgrading their mindset, heartset and skillsets with “brain science” based strategies that will transform their personal and professional goals into reality. As a result of working with me my clients learn how to: 🧠Leverage the power of proven Neuroscience based strategies to maximize their creativity, genius, and innovation. 🧠Improve their Leadership skills by utilizing emotional intelligence (EQ) training. 🧠Overcome burnout and reignite their life’s mission and purpose. 🧠Reprogram and unlock their conscious and subconscious to achieve Self Mastery. 🧠Mental resiliency and stress management training. 🧠Find clarity in theirs life’s direction. 🧠Create their own blueprint for success. 📍Website: www. 📍Email: [email protected] 📍San Diego, CA. 📌With over 18 years of U.S. Naval Aviation experience and organizational leadership training, he utilizes his expertise gained to coach, empower high achievers with transformational mindset shifts that improve teamwork and productivity. 🗣 I Am also... Man of Faith | Entrepreneur | Social Justice Advocate | Navy Vet | Suicide Prevention Advocate | Love to Laugh | Conversationalist | Student of Life. 📌 His continued education to achieve certifications from the Optimind Neuroscience Institute, additionally becoming a coach specialized in neuro- brain health, neuro-spirituality and peak performance management. 📌Services That I Provide ___________________________ 📍Keynotes 📍Clubhouse Co-Moderator 📍Conference Panalist 📍Podcast Guest 📍Workshops 📍Group Coaching 📍Half Day Intensives 📍1 on 1 Coaching ✳️Jamal’s arena of Genius is also in helping purpose driven leaders with: ✅Ping me in Rooms About: 💡Mastering setting & goal execution. 💡Overcoming self sabotaging belief systems. 💡Transition from hustle mindset to flow. 💡Mastering the principles of success. 💡Stress management strategies. 💡Defeating Impostor Syndrome. 💡Creating / maintaining, work life harmony 💡How to Reprogram your mind for success. 💡Overcoming your fear & Limiting Beliefs. 💡The art & brain science of manifesting your ideal life. (Law of attraction) 💡Creating positive and success habits. 💡Understanding how Neuroscience shapes our lives.