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Jake Wood




Veterinarian: I care for all animals Epidemiologist: Let’s end all diseases. Data Analyst: I dream in figures. Spoken Word Act: I want muted responses. Poet: I dip my ink for ironies. 2021 POEM of the year - Mr. Jaguar Jaguar Beneath these murky waters lies one Mr. Jaguar Jaguar A forty year salt mammal swimming in blue, brackish water He lost his dorsal fin to age and his left eye to oil spillage His marine home is unfriendly evident in many rippling currents Every ship there is in wreckage varying depth from the surface And souls are lost per minute beach villages awash with spirits How long should a spouse mourn? after unmanned oars float ashore Or can we achieve perfect symmetry If we vengeance from the sea I hope to fit my breathing kit with Mr. Jaguar Jaguar’s gills Let myself slip, sink furthest varying body part from surface.