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Tania Manning




To be of service, love of elders, na Kupuna, husband Greg, best friend of 30 years! Connection, Communion, joy and laughter! Living by the pillars, I am learning ancient Hawaiian spirituality from ManaOMolokai. Traditional Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, ManaOMolokai ancient Hawaiian teachings is a very important part of my spiritual journey. I live by the code of ethics started by the Counsel Of Spiritual Practices, (CSP). I love Dr. Rowshanak and her rooms. A lover of art, dance and music- proud member of Vinxsoulkitchen🎼 I am mindful living on ceded Oholone lands. Tuyshtak blessing us as we honor the ancestors. Psychedelic emergencies, integration, Individual and relationship counseling when asked. Co-author of The Shulgin index, interviews in “The Secret Chief Revealed”, worked for Transfom press for Sasha and Ann, research assistant and personal assistant, to Sasha and Ann Shulgin for eighteen years, steward of the Shulgin ethnobotanical gardens from 2007-2023,and archivist/librarian for the Shulgin library from 2004-2023. 🌺🌵🐬🎶🎵🎼 🏳️‍🌈