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Jade Duggan




Leadership. Culture. Communication. Hearing is the first sense to develop. Leadership and org structure for culture design (stated values at scale in every interaction) and measurable economic and triple bottom line change at scale. (Aka Impact. But that word is not reflective of what the effective actions are.) Our usual constructs of “energy” and “presence” are crucially incapacitating our ability to be effective across teams (humanity). Simple practices create company wide habit change resulting in 50% increase in effectiveness and presence: the crucial ingredients for performance. Using sensory skills to increase capital for cannibalizing colonialism and right sizing/ restructuring/intentional obsolescence of outsized industries. Yes, I’ve worked for fortune 50s and NSA/Lockheed/Accenture/FINRA/FDA/Medstar etc. and regularly increase profit/decrease cost but more importantly create anti-inflammatory workplaces- even online. Current focus: economy rooted in a movement of $5-12m small businesses committed to organic business structures using sensory/phenomenology based communication systems paired with 3 Fortune 500 companies willing to upend the current business paradigms for global economic, racial and environmental sustainability. Publisher: Breaking the Iron Triangle; Cost, Quality, Access in US Foundations: Transformative Leadership and Social Change MA Classical and Five Element Acupuncture M.Ac Organization Design and Development (Leadership coaching, Change management, Effectiveness and Presence at scale) Internal Martial Arts Classics of Strategy and Counsel Biology of Cognition Linguistics and Humanistic psychology DeProfessionalizing Society Technology as medium of Human inter-design Systems thinking Neuroplasticity Sensory perception and design Micro habits Culture design via mirror neuronal networks and hormonal regulation via communication and language frames. Anthropology Quantum theory (not pop psych) Chaos/triple pendulum. Technology/industry as shaper of human Classical Chinese medicine as Organization Development. Business models as systems healing. Healthcare cost as Planned industry obsolescence. The fallacy of self-other care and the utility of selfishness in fostering a culture of “mutual care” Leadership via the skilled art of curiosity and applied practices of all of the above. She/her but call me anything as long as you came with commitment to oneness.