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Jacqueline Boothe




🌟Self Care Strategist - Permission to Thrive. Do you deserve to live life to it’s fullest? Do you want to navigate with ease and grace? 💯 I see you and am committed to serving you, to create your blue print to the successful life that you desire. 🦻🏾I’m here on clubhouse to listen, learn, grow and share. HD-Splenic projector 4/6 learnt this on clubhouse🔥🔥 and waiting on your invite to be a role model and share my wisdom for your journey of true enlightenment and reconnection. 🌍Love the experiences on your journey called life and look forward to the joy and expansion it brings❤️💯 This life is not a dress rehearsal….live it on your terms You can find me hanging out [email protected] Don’t be shy, whatever you struggle to move on from, let’s have a chat. I am a certified wellness coach, NLP practitioner, crystal healer and most importantly human. DM me on Insta and let me know how I can serve you on your journey I am currently serving the community of ex-offenders driven to support the forgotten. Ready to make meaningful change in people’s lives...If you are serious about supporting ex-offenders, let’s connect and see how we can work together.