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Iyanu Odebode, Phd




Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker | Investor | AI Consultant ————————— 🖤💻machine learning consultant 🧐data scientist 📈trading&investing 👨‍💻tech advisor 🏡 real estate investor ✝️ Lover of Christ ———————— 👨‍🎓PhD in Information Systems 👨‍🎓MS in Bioinformatics 👨‍🎓BS in Computer Science ———————— Founder @Zeitios @TLC CoHost of AI Innovation Space Are you looking for opportunities in Data Science/Data Analytics/AI-ML: 🗣 Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, BioTechnology, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Options, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Careers in Tech & more 📜 Python, Dart, C#, Java, PHP, Postgres, Vuforia, Unity & MATLAB Nothing I say on clubhouse is tax, legal or investment advice.