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Ishita Basu




Energetic Educator. Lover of Life and what lies beyond…If Music be the food of life, play on… Can help you with English : Grammar/ Literature/ Preparation for various examinations viz. Classes 10 & 12 Boards~IELTS~TOEFL~GRE~GMAT~CAT etc./ Interviews/ GDs/ public speaking skills………. A single mom A teacher by profession (20+ years of varied experience) A local theatre enthusiast A public speaker Initiator of Single Mom’s Society My motto: YOLO My motivation: There is a God above I truly believe that what goes around, comes around. A dreamer A thinker A poet at heart An avid reader A typical writer (with flashes and blocks) A traveler A learner 🙂yo estoy aprendiendo Español…¡Hola! It’s a beautiful world! There’s so much to see….so much to learn…so much to do….