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Dara Avenius




Publicist extraordinaire Dara Avenius made her way into public relations by an unusual story. In 2010, after working at high end showrooms, she jumped in to help find a missing young woman who was the former intern of a friend, raising awareness of her disappearance through a viral twitter campaign, as well as placements in the NY Daily News, New York Post, Boston Globe, Gothamist, and had interest from CNN for the story, as well as other press. This was all over the span of a weekend's time, despite having no press contacts at the time. (The young woman was found safe and is now thriving). From there, she fell in love with public relations, and was recruited to work for an agency, where she worked before starting Fascinate Media. Oh, and about the company name? It's because she wants to work with people who are "fascinating, brilliant, and don't believe in the word 'no'". Email: [email protected] Website: Niches: Fintech, Health and Wellness, Food, LGBTQ/Diversity, fashion and beauty, CPG (consumer product goods), non-profits, entertainment, and more. Also: celebrity outreach.