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Kristie Thompson




🌎 Investor Producer | Project Manager at Impact Launchpad ❤️ President #IsThereEnough ❓ My experience has given me opportunities to lead, train and motivate teams in several settings of business and academia, creating satisfaction and lifting morale, solving team issues to bring consensus, clarity and effectiveness. I am doing what I can to use those skills to help the world work for 💯of humanity, through business, and social impact. I am a writer, researcher, teacher, and team leader, helping to developing voices, methods, and strategies for creating agreement and social impact, assisting Daniel Matalon, Founder of the campaign #IsThereEnough. I am the President of its US based 501c3 chapter and one of the key architects of its global conversation. I also serve as Mr Matalon's assistant and writing partner. Our association, and the opportunities that have arisen from it, have conveniently allowed me to evolve my mentoring skills to become a capable Producer and project leader with Impact Launchpad, a for profit social impact investment platform. At Impact Launchpad, we believe there is #NotEnough investment going on to affect all lives that matter. We are doing something about it and we will demonstrate our methods globally with footprint in 100 cities. Be sure to follow our work because you will be able to in a position to duplicate it. I also have a particular passion for agriculture, particularly bee farming, and bringing together people of a variety of political inclination in a consensus on Climate Change action that can support everyone interested in addressing our problems collaboratively.