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Isabell Rodriguez




Top Millionaire’s Mastermind Retreat Creator ~ ⚡️Scandinavias’s #1 Transformational Confidence Coach 💡Founder of Rebuild Your Life Program 🏆 Award winner for the movie "Say Something" 🎤Motivational Speaker 📖 Award Winning Author 🎓 Student of Bob Proctor I dedicate my life to help women who have gone through traumatic events, such as abuse, to gain back their power & heal. I help people create the life they want through shifting their inner paradigms. I host & build Millionaires Mastermind Retreats in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 First up: "Mastering The Feminine Power" retreat exclusively for women ♀️ Now who am I? “Isabell Rodriguez is 29 years old from Sweden, living in Costa Rica. Isabell is an award winning author for her book "Isabell Then & Now" , where she opens up about growing up being sexual, physical and mentally abused, and how living through the consequences of the trauma can nearly destroy you. 2017 she won the "Kristallen Award" for her movie "Say Something" in Sweden for "Best Documentary Of The Year". By sharing her story, she have affected the laws in Sweden & Now helped changed a law to protect children who has witnessed abused at home. Isabell is the founder and creator of "Rebuild Your Life Program" which helps women who have experienced abused, to heal, reprogram their mind, set healthy boundaries and change their life completley through transformative workshops and tools. Isabell is the CEO of "Mastering The Feminine Power" Mastermind Retreat in Costa Rica. 🌟 Isabell has help changed many people's and young children's life, through Coaching, Courses, Speaking and by sharing her story in an authentic way. 🎥 Follow me on YouTube (Just Created) 🎙️Listen to my Podcast “Honest Truth By Isabell Rodriguez ” Spotify, Spreaker & Soundcloud. Don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected] 🇸🇪 Born in Sweden 🇨🇷 Living in Costa Rica 💍Married to the greatest man alive @hectorrc 🌎World Traveler (51 countries and counting) 📖 Reads 2 books a month 🥗 Love for cooking 🤰Pregnat waiting my first child 🧘‍♀️Yoga & meditation 🐶Animal Lover 🕹Video games 🎙voiceover actress & I speak 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇺🇸🇪🇸 Instagram: Issyrodriguez_ Tiktok: Issyrodriguez_ Facebook: Blog: Website: