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πŸŽ™ Host of 1st Daily NFT Podcast that’s buying an NFT Daily now Top 25 on Apple & Spotify Search in Podcast app: β€œNFT 365” Digital Futurist Keynote Speaker 🧒 76 Countries! ADHD SuperPOWERED πŸ’• Girl Dad x3 πŸŽ™NFT 365: First Daily NFT Podcast πŸ’Ž Mint 365: Buying an NFT every day for a year selling all on 11.11.22 πŸ‘‰πŸ”΄ $ADHD: Creator of SuperPowered ADHD creator coin with 128k coins in circulation! I talk fast and tweet faster! @iSocialFanz on all socials! 🎀 Professional Speaker traveled to 76 countries and spoken at over 60+ events for the last 5 years! πŸ–₯ Pivoted to Virtual and delivered 74 virtual presentations 🚨Speaker Instagram @BrianFanzoSpeaker πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Virtual YouTube: BrianFanzoVx 🧒 2022 KEYNOTE PROGRAMS: 😍 Digital Empathy: We > Me: Empathy starts with Me before the We πŸ’» Shrink The Distance: Reinvent don’t repurpose to find synergy between tech & humanity πŸ”΄ Press The Damn Button: Telling your story & sharing your unique perspective πŸ–₯ Reimagined Web 3.0 Community