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Keith Isaac




Entrepreneur | Digital Expert | Content creator | Dreamterpreter. Nigerian🇳🇬 🌍Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Digital Media Executive 🖥I create digital experiences for creative Entrepreneurs... 📀Digital gatekeeper, passionate about Africa as a positioning statement. strongly drawn to the elephant in the room. 👨‍🌾🏠Passionate About Agricultural investment and Real Estate. Specialty: Social media strategy , Social Media Management, Social media Marketing, Instagram Growth, Content Creator , hashtag expert , hashtag marketing , Instagram bots , Business strategy, stories , reels , Instagram live , Instagram TV, IGTV , Instagram Carousel and more 🖥My Mission is just to touch one life at a time and serve. 🎯Winners don't quit, this is where we grow, living a Life of relevance. 🎯I am still exploring and open for opportunities. I’m more of a listener than a talker. 🎯”Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes it’s better than master of one.”