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Isabel Cortes




🧨Childfree Badass 💥Life-purpose igniter 🔥Advocate sexual freedom, reproductive rights and reproductive responsibilities I am a pragmatic, no-nonsense coach for childfree women who struggle with feelings of insecurity, shame, guilt, and anger that are attached to their choice to not have children. 👉 Trained and certified by Success Unlimited Network (SUN) Coaching - ICF certified program. 🔥 Host of The Honest Uproar podcast, a space for childfree women to gather and tell their #childfreestories. I am also a world traveler, avid kitesurfer, and an artist in the making 🧨💥🔥 Proud 🇨🇴 Disclaimer - whether I listen in on or partake in a room, does not suggest I endorse or support the narrative, title, common views, speakers or views in that room.