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Anita Irrified




Writer, Virtual Serial Killer, and Alleged Nutcase Masquerading as a Sane Person. I have been writing for years just for fun. I joined the Creative Juice Bar Club on Clubhouse in 2021 and found my Tribe. They gave me the confidence to share my work and encouraged me to write more and publish. I published my first serialized book on Kindle Vella in 2022 and plan to publish many more projects. I typically enjoy lopping off heads, having people fornicate like dogs, or creating killer bugs with fun skills in my writing. I aim to write anything disturbing to get a reaction from you and make you laugh. You can find me on Clubhouse in the Morning Muse Room, reading something so silly and hopefully disturbing that I can't get through it without laughing. Check out my new book and vote on the cover of my next book and You will also find out what irrified means there. I'm on all social media @irrified [email protected]