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🎢 Classical violinist 🎻, violist 🎻, pianist 🎹 and composer 🎼. Also enjoys improvising/jamming and playing in chamber ensembles and orchestras. Other interests/hobbies include audio editing, reading, writing, podcasts, social issues, climate change/sustainability, hanging out, and anything to do with blindness assistive technology. 🍁 Lives in Western Canada Just FYI, for those who are wondering, I do have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I mainly lurk and don't post much on my profiles, which is why I don't display my social media links on my clubhouse profile. However, you can check out my barebones in progress linktree profile. If you want to keep in touch with me, please follow me on Clubhouse and/or message me via backchannel. You may also contact me on other platforms via @irisgirl86, such as instagram, reddit (u/irisgirl86), and Twitter. Thanks.