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I’m a Chicago Area based Creator … Artist … domain investor … branding … product designer. and Ticketstub are for sale. Send inquiry to [email protected]. Serious offers only. Original products featuring my artwork are available on - looking for licensing opportunities for brand/artwork. My Art NFTs can been seen by going to .Com Domains can be seen by going to I opened my own studio doing commercial photography primarily for products & fashion. I was among the 1st people in Chicago using Photoshop professionally when first released. It became an invaluable tool that changed my career forever. My clients included Jim Beam, Leo Burnett, JWT, McDonald's, Disney, Warner Bros to name a few. I began to apply my surface design to fabric. Creating neckwear that was sold in JCPenny. The creation of surface design & graphic illustrations continues today. features a wide variety of products with my original artwork ... some of which is based on various strains of Cannabis. I’m very excited about what I can offer. I founded® in 2002. Specializing in selling premium Concert, Sports & Theatre Tickets in the US. I've also been a Domain Investor since 1995 when I bought my first domain ... as it was my name and my business' using my domains for development and branding services. Some of the domains with development plans are,,,,,,,,,, Currently, looking to find a path into the Cannabis industry. I see huge branding potential for Now moving into NFT Art. Other Domains: BUSINESSOWNER.COM For Sale. SOLD MILESPOINTS.COM For Sale POINTSMILES.COM For Sale RENEWTODAY.COM For Sale DNACCESS.COM For Sale DNADEPT.COM For Sale VODKAONLINE.COM For Sale PICKMYBRAIN.COM GOODCLOTHING.COM For Sale ARTISTNETWORK.COM BACKPAINCENTER.COM For Sale MIAMIFLA.COM For Sale DIGITALLOVER.COM For Sale DIGITALESTATES.COM For Sale DIGITALANYWHERE.COM For Sale DIGITALARTISTNETWORK.COM For Sale DIGITALARTISTONLINE.COM For Sale DIGITALARTNETWORK.COM For Sale DIGITALARTONLINE.COM For Sale DIGITALMEDIASTORE.COM For Sale DIGITALMUSICONLINE.COM For Sale DIGITALMUSICSTORE.COM For Sale DIGITALPARTY.COM For Sale DIGITALSHOWCASE.COM For Sale EVENTPROMOTERS.COM For Sale SUCCESSBANK.COM NFTMACAU.COM