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🙏🏾Blessings from the Central Coast of Cali🐳 Rooms have been postponed to care for my 👑MOM👑 thank you for all the love💙 and prayers🙏🏾 ✳️CH Ingredient Profile Forum, founder - June 2022 🫴🏾 Let’s Talk 🎤 food history, facts, memories, and recipes. We always give 🙏🏾Gratitude🙏🏾 to our Farmers. Weekly meetup on 🫴🏾 Sat at 9am PST ✳️CH Dessert First, founder - Jan 2023 🫴🏾 It all starts with self love, self care 🫴🏾 Elevate, celebrate, empower and support. Weekly meetup 🫴🏾 Wed at 6pm PST. REPLAYS 📴 🤷🏽‍♀️My presence in your room, or on your stage does not mean I agree with the agenda. I’m here, to hear all sides. Passion: Plays well with food🔪🍴 Growing food in Z9B🍆🥑🍓🍑🍋 All things bling💍💎📿 Fashion🥻🧤🧣👚👗 Teacher: SLO County Libraries 👩🏽‍🏫 Wire artist / jewelry designer instructor 💎 and private workshops. Check out my 📿designs on IG @wearableartbypat Purpose and mission: Community service, feeding the homeless, feeding our Veterans, support for shelters, support for food pantries. Empowering others to never be silenced🫱🏾‍🫲🏿 The finish: 🙌🏾Retired Cal Poly State University financial aid advisor💰 financial aid auditor (trade schools) Veterans & Hero’s: Thank you to our service women and men for keeping us safe. I come from a military family, 3 generations have served🇺🇸 Gratitude: My list is long📝 In God I trust🛐