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Keshni Morar




🤝Trusted advisor 👩‍🏫 Mentor 💵 Angel Investor 🧭 Strategist 🏆 M&A Practioner 🏦 Startup builder 💵 Fundraiser 💻 Pitch coach 👩‍🔧 Operations genius 👩‍🏫 NED enthusiast 🦸‍♀️ homeschooling mum ⚜️ 4 X Founder 🌱 Director Founder Institute SA Passionate about helping business owners structure and grow their businesses so they can become investable. Looking to mentor and invest in founders with highly scalable businesses. My focus on edtech, fintech and healthtech. Featured on CNBC Africa, CGTN, Cliff Central, Jozi Today, Joburg Business, Women & Home, Luxuria Lifestyle…. Connect with me on LinkedIn Send me your recorded pitch for comment to see if you are investable - [email protected]