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Brett Thomas




I help leaders elevate 🚀 their performance (two decades experience training/coaching leaders) 🧭 I’m here on CH to add value to conversations on leadership-related topics and to help you become a more effective leader. 💼 I am a veteran management consultant having helped hundreds of SMEs scale from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. I mentor, train and coach senior leaders in corporations, government and military 📚 Co-founder of the Stagen Leadership Academy (one of the most respected leadership academies in the world), creator of the Integral Leadership Program (more than $25M in enrollments), and was an early trail blazer in the fields now widely known as conscious business and conscious capitalism 🔬I had the privilege to work closely with Ken Wilber and Integral Institute to create the world’s first “unifying theory of leadership”. Also the first to apply Expert Performance Theory, Deliberate Practice and Complex Skill Instructional Design to disrupt the billion dollar leadership development industry. [In plain English this means my team and I figured out how to teach leadership like teaching baseball, martial arts or playing a musical instrument.] 🌎 Outspoken advocate of more conscious, sustainable and equitable approaches to business, life and leadership. I am driven to empower the change agents building the new society ▫️Global Change Agents Join our new Global Change Agent Club. Check out our new leadership course. 👉🏻 ▫️Our Non-Profit: Conscious Coalition Conscious Coalition (501c3) is a platform that partners with nonprofits and social ventures who are committed to reducing poverty, conflict and social injustice. We help create opportunities for clean water resources, education and economic development in various communities across the globe.  👉🏻 ▫️ Accelerating Leadership This state-of-the-art leadership development coaching/training program is the result of two decades of R&D. 👉🏻 ▫️ Brett’s LinkedIn: 🔗