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Vanessa Canteberry




Vanessa Canteberry, is an Author, Speaker, Mindset Coach, Podcast and Book Consultant. She took her experience of working in corporate America for 20 years and implemented it in her business and teaching others, how they too can break the W2 Mindset. She made her transition into being a full-time Entrepreneurial after she found herself unable to seek employment 2 years later. Vanessa’s took the skills she learned in corporate America and incorporated them in her business. She invested in herself to gain the personal development, coaching, and education; she needed in order to have a successful business. As a Certified Life and Mindset Coach, she is educating individuals the importance of transforming the W2 Mindset in life and business. Her mission is to help others to understand the possibilities of achieving their ultimate goal and turning their dreams into a reality. Feel free to schedule time to connect and receive a 15-minute discovery session at As a Speaker, she is focused on topics of Visionary, Empowerment, Mindset & Breaking the Generation Curse. She’s very passionate about speaking to souls to move them in making an impact in their own life situations and providing them with tools they can use immediately. She speaks at workshops, schools, conferences, and summits. Feel free to contact me at if you are seeking authentic, passionate and bold speaker. Vanessa expertise includes: Author 📚Self Published – Shifting Your Mindset, Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness Do I Not Matter Co-Author – I Am More Than Dear Mom Dear Dad Dear Daughter & Son Breaking Barriers Unapologetically *7/2021 🎤Speaker Live Streamer on Facebook Live Speaks on Empowerment, Mindset & Breaking Curses & Self Publishing Co-Owner of Changing Minds Online, an Empowerment Company 🎯Spotlighting individuals who are empowering others via social media Co-Host of Motivate Social Podcast Interviewed for several Radio Shows I’m a passionate & authentic person whose core values are Faith & Breaking the Cycle. Breaking Barriers Unapologetically Teaching individuals how to breaking generational dysfunctional cycles one household at a time. From Conference, Speaking, Courses, Coaching and much more. BBUCOLLECTIONS provides affirmations to guide you through healing from Candles, Mugs & T-Shirts Place your orders and use Thank You save 15% off $InspiredByVanessa