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Nishma Karim




Nishma is a Personal trainer and a Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, and a Food Coach! She Guides others to understand how the universe works, so they can bring the focus back to themselves to make more intuitive and informed health decisions. She teaches the secret to life and how we can live more happily each and every day! She loves to spend time with her family, travel and keeping herself busy with new adventures in her life! 🇨🇦Vancouver,BC Coach: Understanding food and the relationship between yourself and food. ❤️Learn to start your day with positive vibes and end your day with powerful thoughts so you can wake up and start your day even more beautifully ❤️Learning to change your life by choosing healthier habits,Awakening the soul, feeling good not just from the outside but also from the inside! Let’s begin the transition to see a miracle in your life. —— Let’s become more aware of our diet by trusting our body, simplifying our day to day life and learn the few things that will magically transform more time to self care, self love as we tap into our mind, body and spirit! Let’s connect —————— Podcast owner Fit_inspired mama Podcast listen In! ________ Just wrote my book Battling the worst, Awakening the new Click here to see. My full Story of postpartum depression leading to celiac