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Adam Toren




Entrepreneur + investor + advisor Passionate about empowering and inspiring the next generation of leaders. 🚀Street Cred: Founded (with my brother) and scaled to become the largest network of Entrepreneurs in the world. (Acquired by Entrepreneur Media). Started, Scaled and Exited 11 companies (all in different niches). Invested in several amazing people and brands. 🌠Co-Founder: (passion project) 🥰 Our products introduce children to key life skills that empower them to be limitless while educating about Entrepreneurship & Financial literacy in fun and engaging ways. -------------------- 🥰 🌟Vision: Empower and inspire at least 100 million kids & teenagers with the skills, tools and mentorship we all wished we had growing up. 😍I love to: build, scale/invest in innovative brands & communities that people ❤️ 📚Co-Author of: Award-winning and best-selling book Kidpreneurs - Young Entrepreneurs with BIG ideas. Starting Your Own Business: Become an Entrepreneur! (from the DUMMIES series). Small Business BIG Vision - Lessons on how to dominate your market by self-made entrepreneurs who did it right. Real World Money Lessons - Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens 🏅Hobbies: American Ninja Warrior (applied and I keep trying to get picked!) #determined I love hiking, traveling, working out, playing pickleball, and new adventures! Fun facts about me: ✅ my brother Matthew and I have been business partners since we were 7 & 8 years old. (So many fun adventures!) ✅ I love a good açaí bowl + gyokuro green tea. ✅ Always trying to learn and study about wellness and whole life balance. ✅ I love my waterproof shower note pad. (Who else has the best ideas in the shower!??) 😃 ✅ I’m slow to speak but quick to listen. I like to work smart + live with intention to achieve whole life balance. Looking forward to connecting with you! 🌟