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Dr. Ijeoma Nnodim Opara




She/Her/O ee-ji-oma o-p-a-r-a “Ijeoma” means “Safe Journey” 🕊 💥I equip physicians, healthcare workers, & institutional leaders with the tools they need to transform their institutions into bastions of antiracism, justice, & equity. 💪🏿My mission is to eliminate antiBlack racism from medicine, healthcare, & public health by discontinuing race based medicine in clinical practice, research, & policy. 🛑This is fundamental to ending white supremacy. 🕸Website 💻YouTube: 🅱️Bio 🎥Media Kit 👉🏿Workshop materials 🖇Join #AIMART Network 🐥TwitterSpace Host: #AIMART Antiracism in Medicine Action Roundtable Sat 1pmET ✊🏾Antiracism, Justice & Equity Educator, Speaker, Coach, Consultant 👑CEO, Founder, OparaSpeaks 💫Founder & Director, Health Equity & Justice in Medicine (HEJIM) 🩺Physician-Scholar-Activist 🦠COVID-19 Front liner 👩🏾‍⚕️Internal medicine-Pediatrics 👩🏾‍🏫Professor & Mentor 🌍Internationally recognized Decolonization expert, Global health 📚Section editor, PLOS One Global Health Journal 🏆Awards & honors in leading, speaking, teaching, & advocacy ✍🏾Writer 🎙Host 🗣Moderator & Facilitator =========================== ⚡️Race is not genetic/biological. ⚡️Anti-Black racism is the vector of disease & health disparities, not Blackness. ⚡️Race is a sociopolitical construct created by white people to preserve economic & political power in service to the system of white supremacy. =========================== 🖤Amplifying Black voices emphasizing intersectionality, abundance, joy, rest, & play. 🔥Unapologetically, authentically, & passionately Black. ⛓Anti colonial & Afrocentric 🌺Indigenous African Brilliance ✨Pan-African🇳🇬 🌱Black Liberation 🌍Reparations 💥Exquisite Self-care is our birth right. 💥Community care is self-care & Vice versa. 💻 Reach out to me if you want to build the knowledge, skills, & attitude to become a successful joyful advocate for Antiracism, justice, & equity in your undergraduate, graduate, or continuing medical/health professions education program, department, school of medicine/health professions, hospital, clinic, practice, or city/state health department. Or if you’re just struggling in this area. 🥴 👉🏿 DM me on Twitter or IG or email me at [email protected] for complimentary materials