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Janine Lee




🗝 Oneironaut 🔮 Spiritual Alchemist 🧬 Blue Ray Starseed 💎 Quantum Krystal ✨ Star Gazer 🌳 Tree Hugger ✡️ Conscious Co-creator 🤲🏼 Somato-Emotional Healing Guide Just a galactic goddess on a journey of self-remembering 💗 Who are you? ————————————————————— ✳️ Upcoming rooms: __________________________________________ My inner journey has been accelerated and intense. I experienced an activating event during the 2017 eclipse at the age of 42. For almost a year I experienced hardcore “kundalini psychosis”, which I’ve since realized is actually “karmic psychosis”. I’ve learned many techniques to work with/through the energies that block alignment with your true self and am here to share what I’ve learned and hold space for others who are remembering their multidimensional self. I’m an astronomical astrologer (SKYstrology). This system uses the ACTUAL placements of the planets and the fixed stars in the sky and is both the owner’s manual and road map of your soul’s path of greatest alignment in this life. For anyone on their inner journey, an actual sky birth chart reading will be the most eye opening 2 hours of your life! Co-host of The Dream Lab, a collaborative think-tank about all things metaphysical, dreaming, and multidimensional. Come synchro surf with us! IG: @the_dream_lab_ 1:1 Dream Alchemy, SKYstrology, or Galactic Lineage sessions: (DM me at IG👇🏼)