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Ingrid Lamour-Thomas, MNM




👗Image Consultant ❇️Confidence Strategist 🎤Motivational Speaker 📚6X Amazon Best selling author ‼️Sign up to my newsletter & receive a FREE download “10 Fashion Staples every woman must have-All year” 💚🔥‼️ 💚Image Consultant helping professional women nearing or over 40 who found herself in a style rut, through my online course “Look Great, Feel Great”, to become more confident by looking great on the outside while feeling great on the inside. She needs the extra push, the support, the community, and the tools to finally have the confidence to make the change. 💚Founder of The Green Light Movement™️ working with Successful Professional Career Women nearing or over 40 who feel stuck, unfulfilled and have yet to discover their purpose. As a result of being part of my signature coaching program The Green Light Movement™️, they learn the tools, strategies, action steps, mindset to boldly unleash their purpose and chase their dreams without hesitation. It’s your Green Light Season! Who do you know? 🚦 💛💚501 (c) (3) Founder & CEO of Beloved Children and Family Services Foundation, Inc. We serve children & families from low socioeconomic communities by providing access to education, nutrition & basic life necessities to lift themselves out of poverty. 🇺🇸 Current location 🇭🇹 Born & raised ❤️ French & Creole speaking 🙏🏽 God-fearing woman 🥰 Authentically me $IngridThomas