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Richard Smith




SPIRITUAL FILMMAKING MASTERY: Mastering the creative life through spiritual enlightenment. I help creatives in the entertainment 🎭 business to connect ⛓ with the unlimited power ⚡️ and presence within them 🧘 so that they can pursue their dreams 💭 with ease and grace. 🧞‍♂️Within each one of us lies a Genie that is just waiting to be released. I call “It” 🎬 God, The Infinite Filmmaker creating the 🎞 movie of your life that is perfect, whole and complete. If you are struggling to “Make It” in the entertainment business or have a lot of success and are now looking for a deeper connection to the creator of your life, then you and I should connect. 🎥 Independent Filmmaker 🙏 Spiritual Teacher 🙋‍♂️ “Peak Potentials” certified trainer/coach 👨‍🎓 Certified Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming 👨‍🎓 Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy 👨‍👩‍👧 “Breakthrough Parenting” certified coach 🎙 Host of The “Release The Genie Within” Podcast. 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, CA 🕸