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💃🏽 I’m a talent manager for influencers (BIPOC) who have reached a certain level in their business that has led to the need to expand their team and build long-term career strategies on & offline. {In short, where I can be additive, I aim to amplify the success a creator has already developed on their own.} 👀Currently recruiting new clients. 🖤Other Non-Work related deets about me: I enjoy mindful coloring. Am a proud Diversity Advocate. I ❤️ATL & live music. Obsessed with just about anything black owned and short hair. #thecutlife✂️ #shorthairgang Could use more Meditation tips & Affirmations of any topic. Lately following high vibration vibes & good feelings only. ✨ 💇🏽‍♀️Short Hair Pinterest Board: 🤓Newest thing I’m practicing: meditation for 10-15+ mins & high vibration routines ✨A quote from Pinterest/affirmation that stuck with me recently: “You are allowed to change the price of what it costs to access you.”