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Ashwini Prasad




Inclusive Storyteller, Belonging Expert, & Inclusive Storytelling podcast host. 🗣 I teach TV & film professionals how to be anti-racist. Want to know how? 💡 DM me. ✅ Payments are appreciated. 5% will go to a food donation charity. 👊🏽 I am here to bring back those who have been erased from our screens. ❗️To create safe spaces in the arts to further justice and equity. ⏰ Anti-racist educator for over 20 years.🇨🇦🇱🇷 💫 Want to know how to be better in your anti-racism journey and live inclusively, especially in entertainment and the arts? Here to support you! 🗣Podcast Host - “Inclusive Storytelling.” Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on all other channels. 🖥 Vodcasts on YouTube - search, “The Inclusive Screenwriter.” ✍️I am The Inclusive Screenwriter. 👊🏽 DM me for a 15 minute consult to see how you can be better in your anti-racist & inclusive journey, especially in the arts. Let’s see the magic we can co-create! 🌍 I am looking to connect with professionals in the arts - entertainment, media, scripted & unscripted audio, theater, music..all of it! And, to connect with those who want to take actionable steps towards justice and equity for all people & our world. 📖 #1 book author, “How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis & How To Guide,” is on Amazon. 🤞🏾 Pronounced: AHSH-wi-knee