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I’m Worthy 🌞 I’m With You 🌙 I’m Aly ✨ I am🌜attuned to the moon 🌛 I empower empaths 💛 EMPOWERED EMPATHS 13-Week Program Check my Instagram highlights+linktree for details! ✨ We are co-creating + affirming together: 🌟I AM STRONG 🌟I AM CONFIDENT 🌟I AM FREE We meet weekly on zoom for moon manifesting & intuitive coaching sessions. This program teaches: ✴️working with the energy of the moon ✴️sacred geometry + crystal grids ✴️energy protection + clearing techniques ✴️grounding + energizing meditations EMPOWERED EMPATHS includes 24/7 personal support from Aly✨ via private Telegram chat, with intuitive readings + Reiki sessions built in to the program! Schedule your one-on-one reading + chat to learn more! Link is in my Insta bio. ✨ I ❤️ nature🌹spirituality🕊crystals💎music🎶+learning📖 I am a Holy Fire®️ III 🔥 Reiki practitioner 🙌 I love my astrological placements 🔭 ♊️gemini sun🌞 ♉️taurus balsamic moon🌜 ♑️capricorn rising⬆️ ♎️libra north node🌟 ♏️midhaven〽️ I am a life path 7️⃣ Let’s connect 🌐 on Clubhouse! Find me & other amazing humans 🤩 in my favorite houses 👇 Find me biweekly for full moon 🌝 & new moon 🌚 collective oracle card readings in our house 🏡 EMPOWERED EMPATHS Find me monthly on the balsamic 🌜 moons to prepare for the upcoming lunar cycle in our house 🏡 IM WORTHY • IM WITH YOU Find me weekly on Mondays at the esoteric roundtable in 🏡 QUANTUM SPIRITUALISM Find me biweekly on Mondays for animal 🦚 spirit ✨ oracle card readings in 🏡 TAROT AND TEA PSYCHIC CAFE Find me weekly on Wednesdays for oracle card readings in 🏡 LAKSHMI OSHUN GLOBAL I’m grateful to share space 🪐 with you! Thank you 🙏 for sharing 🤝 the abundance 💰PayPal: @alyshines 💸CashApp: $alyshines 💲Chime: $alyshines 🪙Venmo: @alyshines 🌘IM🌑WORTHY🌒IM🌓WITH🌔YOU🌕