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DM|Text: Mentorship 6469443885 🙏🏾🌎GLOBAL MISSION🌎🙏🏾 I share my life experiences to empower, educate help others to evolve as a global world class citizen through wealth building, financial literacy, health & wellness transformations. USA🇺🇸 | Africa🇹🇿| Dubai 🇦🇪 🏆Global Award Winning Keynote Speaker 🏆Ambassador to Africa 🏆Award Winner for Women & Girls Empowerment 🏆One of Georgia’s Most Influential Women 🏆Award Winning Int’l Runway Model 🏆Award Winning Golfer | 3x Marathon 13K Runner CLUBHOUSE ROOMS ✳️Breakfast With Champions ✳️GW3GlobalClub M-F 8AM ✳️Health & Wealth Programs ✳️GW3 Global Book Club ✳️What it Takes to Run a Million Dollar Biz GW3 Global Society Members 💛GW3 Live | Podcast | Talk Show 💛GW3 Travel | NVisionU 💛Fashion & Designers 💛POWER to Soar Annual Summit Give Back to: 👉🏾SharonRingoFoundation 👉🏾GlobalCrowningWarriors 👉🏾Supporting Women & Girls 👉🏾$GW3GlobalWarriors Travels Includes: Africa🇹🇿Aruba🇦🇼Bahamas🇧🇸 Bermuda🇧🇲Canada🇨🇦Cayman Islands🇰🇾Dominican Republic🇩🇴 Ethiopia 🇪🇹France🇫🇷Jamaica🇯🇲 Ireland Italy🇮🇹London🇬🇧Mexico🇲🇽Panama🇵🇦Puerto Rico🇵🇷Turks & Caicos🇹🇨United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 USA🇺🇸U.S. Virgin Islands🇻🇮 _________________________________ ♥️ 2023 100 Women 100 Million Project Award ♥️ 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award ♥️2022 Pan African Women Empowerment Global Ambassador ♥️2021 Pan African Women Economic Summit Keynote Speaker & Award Recipient ♥️2020 POWER to Soar Annual Summit Partnered w Tony Robbins & Team ♥️2020 GlobalGiving & Billionaire Sarah Blakey Foundation Backpack Grant Recipient ♥️2019 Steve & Marjorie Harvey "Sand & Soul" Recognized Supporting Women & Girls ♥️Sponsor "Pitch the Shark" Daymond John ________________________________ 🏆Published 3x in Who's Who in Atlanta 🏦 VP Banker 13 yrs + 🏅People You Need to Know Star Award 🏅Women & Empowerment Award 🏆Fashion ICON Award 🏆WEN Diamond Extraordinary Woman _________________________________ 🏃‍♀️ 3x Marathon Runner Award Recipient 🏌🏽‍♀️ 3x Golf Tournament Winner 💃🏽 International Award Runway Model ✈️ Global Traveler Impacting Families _________________________________ Featured in: 👑ABC & FOX👑Assert 👑Atlanta Social Season👑Ebony/Jet👑People You Need to Know👑Nappily Ever After" & "The Client"👑Sheen Magazine 👑Uptown Magazine👑VIVA Internationale👑Women Looking Ahead👑Women of Wealth Magazine Looking to collaborate, network, speaking engagements. 💛1.888.800.0299 | 646.944.3885 www.GW3Global.Club