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There is you & there is me. At sleep we are one 🌿 Dream can't kill a dreamer 😄 The idea behind creation of mind is to play with it, instead we are letting it to play with us 🤪 Chalo manujaye gar apne, is pardesu me oh pardhesme kyo pardesi rahe 🎵 నిద్ర పోయే వాడిని నిద్ర లేప్పోచు కానీ; నిద్ర పోయిన్నాటు నటిచే వాడిని నిద్ర లేపలెం [ You can wake up someone who is sleeping; It is impossible to wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep ] 😜 அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு (A, as its first of letters, every speech maintains; The “Primal Deity” is first through all the world’s domains.)🕉 सम्प्राप्ते सन्निहिते काले | नहि नहि रक्षति डुकृङ्करणे || - Bhaja Govindham 🎊 (Rules of grammer will not save you at the time of your death)🤦‍♂️ Anahat - Limitless; Infinite; Unbeaten; New; Uninjured 🔯 What is God? God is truth. What is Truth? Truth is life. What is life? Life is love 😇💖🙏 Dharma Artha Kama Moksha, a way of human life. 🙏 Through negation that which cannot be negated is it. 🌌 Only a CREATOR can GIVE, problem on earth 🌎 is, there are more takers. Only in the silence you are fully aware. Rest of the time it is merely an activity 😌 Only a fool sleeps an hour before death 💀 Mahavakyas - Aham Brahmasmi Tat Vamasi Ayam Athma Brahma Pragnanam Brahma