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Marcus Miller




I am interested in the relationship between math, music, and the soul. 🎷 Musician, Composer, Producer. (Obama White House, Oprah 2020 Vision Tour, WEF Davos, Daybreaker, ELEW, Jazzmeia Horn, Jon Batiste) 🧮 Mathematician (B.A. Harvard. Math and Music Residency at National Museum of Mathematics 2017- 2019. Interested in Geometry and Mathematical Physics) 🧘🏾‍♂️ Certified in constellation therapy, spiritual healing. Daily meditation, weekly fasting, student of world religions, church musician Antioch Baptist Church Bed Stuy. 🎙2x TED speaker, Falling Walls 2020, host of Poolside Polymaths Podcast. 📊 Founder/President/CEO of BAMF, an organization for musicians and music professionals looking to grow both in and out of the music industry. Check us out on clubhouse! 📚Currently Reading: The Road to Reality (Roger Penrose), The Esoteric Teachings (Daskalos), Strategy (B.H. Liddell Hart) 🎥 Check out “Tangent Space”, my Music Video about Love and Differential Geometry on YouTube