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Jean Franco




I am an Artist🎨, SAG Actor 🎬, VO artist, Dancer 🩰 …..I am an original, a creator. I am a rebel by nature a rule breaker. My name is pronounced like Levi’s 👖, like Jean Grey the Phoenix 🔥from X-men and like her I rose from the ashes…….I don’t like the thrill of the chase unless I play a Jedi pursuing a Sith. I speak multiple languages and because I have spent years playing a musical instrument I can pick up accents quickly and this helps me in speaking a few foreign languages and regional accents. I was 🥋Taekwondo California State Champion in high school and won 2 gold medals 🥇 one in forms and 🥇one in sparring. I grew up in the SF Bay Area 🌉 and got my degree in theater, dance and performance studies from UC Berkeley. Since the beginning of the pandemic I am currently based in Mexico 🇲🇽 . I am highly allergic to man made religions, extreme religious fanatics and religious institutions, however I do believe there is a GOD, the creator of all life. There are approximately 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way and there are billions of galleries in the universe. Therefore I have long ago stopped believing in populous belief that we are the only intelligent life in the universe! If life can exist here on earth in most extreme parts of the planet, life must be possible elsewhere in this vast universe. The earth is only a grain of sand in the immenseness of the cosmos! Religion is a fish inside a bowl while spirituality is the whole ocean so therefore I am spiritual by nature. I believe in non-violence and I don’t support the any form of military, as I do not believe in being a trained legal murderer only to kill our neighbors! I do have an open, kind with a generous heart and like a beautiful flower I have thorns for protection so be gentle and handle with care because it will prick! I am avant grade not basic! I am an introvert so the less you know about me the better but if you really are intrigued you know how to google and or get to know me. The people who know me, already know who I am. Con todo mi afecto! PS I go by she/her/they/them pronouns My biography will be written in the future…