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🖤 ❤️New page: Photographer, published writer, dancer 💃🏻, and Mac expert. Community is my thing. Former eWorld, Talk City, MacFixIt, AOL forums, Third Age, & SpyMac community moderator, chat leader, trainer, & writer. My education includes a Masters of Science in Social Work (MSSW). Also former market & political research professional. Produced press events at Macworld Expo, including four Mac the Knife parties. Getting younger as I age and always seeking new adventures with the human race, but I prefer to photo other living things. I run the room “Coffee with ilene” every Sunday from 9PM ET to 11PM ET in the Cafe Ilene Club. I started the room on April 18th. Different topics every week. Anyone who attended eWorld, TalkCity, AOL chats, and the Macworld Expo show are encouraged to join in! This is not a G-rated room. See my youtube channel for family (parents) memorial videos!