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LaTrell Bailey




✨Unashamed & Peculiar King’s Kid~Sinner Saved by Grace~Humble Servant~Ordained Minister of Jesus’ Gospel~Lover of All Things GOD & Music~DJ~Proud HBCU Alum~Consummate Creative of The Creator✨ #JesusIsTheAnswer 👑 #LetTheRedeemedSaySo 🙌🏽 #DoEverythingInLove ❤️ (1 Corinthians 16:14) My History & Destiny: I am a SURVIVOR of, and VICTOR over, child molestation, sexual assault and a whole lotta church hurt, and I love GOD with all my heart. My grateful testimonies are only because of His Loving Hand protecting me EVERY step of the way, and I give Him ALL the glory! It’s in GOD that I live, move & have my being; thus my works, my words, and my walk are to please and glorify Him and bring His Kingdom to earth. As His “chosen” people, it’s crucial to remember the impossibility to even spell the word “Christian” without FIRST the foundation of CHRIST. Besides, what’s the point of doing anything to make folk stand and applaud on earth, if it doesn’t make Divine Daddy stand-up and clap His Hands in Heaven?! My earnest prayer is that we don’t dishonor His favor of blessed brand NEW mercies by insisting to walk in the same old mindset. Jesus makes it all things NEW forward…hearts, minds and lives! 👉🏽 My Mission: To help the precious souls bound by the chains of trauma, rejection and manipulated religion to find their freedom and hope IN Jesus by lifting Him up, pouring GOD’s Love into hurting hearts, spreading the life-changing “Good News” of the UNADULTERATED gospel, and standing on the indisputable TRUTH of GOD’s Word. ✊🏽 My Ministry Grind: To shine for The Divine and see souls saved, hearts healed, lives changed and people empowered through loving, covenant-relationship with GOD and each other, so they can experience what it TRULY means to be about that “more-abundant” life in Christ. This is me, my purpose, my destiny, my focus, my drive… Be it on Clubhouse, in the church house, my sis’ or bro’s house, the White House, the trap house, and if The Paraclete commands, an out-house too!!! 🙌🏽 #GODIsDope ✊🏽 #TheHarvestIsRipe 💪🏽 #IChooseYou☝🏽#JustBLAZE🔥...#BelieveItBehaveItBecomeIt🤘🏽