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💍💒👰🏾🧿 Mental health advisor and mental health coach 🎨 ✨✨✨🔮Goddess of Creation🔮✨✨✨ ab🔮ndance is here!!! Honestly I am not my accolades or labels... I AM LIMITLESS!!! I am a Jane of all trades. Some say a master of none. But I would rather wear many hats Then be a master of one! Everything below is just for formality 🤷🏾‍♀️ …..OBSERVATION MODE Hello everyone I am an entrepreneur. Owner/Founder of JesSoul formerly It Is Jess Soul Business LLC Founder of Non-Profit W.o.m.b.Creates Owner and Founder of Bejeweled by Jess Branding voice of JessEnceSpeaks Owner/Founder of Love at first Type Publishing [email protected] I am a Self-Published Author of two books: The Blessing In Every Lesson: A reflective guide on the road to self-love and Spiritual riches (#LookingInTheMirror 🪞) What the fuck is Self-Love: Everything that glistens isn’t gold! Which can both be found on,, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, and many more. I am Mental health advisor by way of experiencing and overcoming the brink of death by way of suicidal episodes. I create tools and resources to help other individuals overcome MEN-Tell DIS-order within the mind! I specialize in digging deeper into childhood trauma and helping individuals release themselves from those things that causes mental stress My main goal is to bring love and compassion back into society!!! And helped individuals recognize that everything outside of them is within them. It all begins and ends with self-love. Contact Info [email protected] 423-444-4024 Interest and things I can do and will do! ❤️🙏🏾✝️ The SEE-her Ghost Writer Psychologist Metaphysics Quantum physics Alchemist Generator The Great Life Experimenter (3/5) Knowledge seeker Holistic Healer Shamanic Healer Protagonist #EyeRead🔮 intuitively Christ Consciousness Jesus is wHoly!!! Rebel to societies standards Cash app $Jessgreer912 for support