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IIMV Foundation for Incubation Entrepreneurial Learning and Development (IIMV FIELD) is the Incubation and Startup Hub of IIM Visakhapatnam. After starting Operations in 2018, IIMV FIELD is now one of the fastest growing incubators in India. We are located in Visakhapatnam - a Smart City, an aspirational district, and an industrial hub in the state of Andhra Pradesh. IIMV FIELD would like to build the incubation center by leveraging the strengths of this region. We are keen on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship by encouraging and supporting the students, faculty members, alumni of the Institute, start-ups, and entrepreneurs across the nation, and specially the region, to translate their ideas and concepts into business models and make their products/services ready for commercialization. Currently, we have seven flagship programs and do a number of capacity building programs. Our programs include Incubation and acceleration support for women led startups, technology based startups and student led startups. All our programs have received tremendous positive response.