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Tech Savvy + Brand Strategist + 🏳️‍🌈 My name is Arthur, I’m a Brand Strategist helping creative CEOs increase their reach, visibility, and impact online. Most people know me for onboarding them on to Clubhouse and being the Social Media Coordinator for Dreamgirls on Clubhouse. #DreamgirlsCH I’m on Clubhouse looking for : • clients who I can help with branding and marketing. • dope conversations I can listen to and contribute to. • strategic partnerships and collaborations. • speaking and moderating opportunities Let’s Do Business💸 My IDEAL client is an industry expert using social media to build her personal brand and expand her territory for impact but lacking the time and technical “know how” to get it done and learn new social trends. She hires me to buy her time back & curate dope content and seamless systems so she can manage her team and business with ease. I do the dirty work so she can focus on being the breadwinner. She hires me when she wants someone on her team who can think like her and write like her and sell her high ticket offer. I have coached and supported clients remotely in the British Virgin Islands, Dallas, Houston, Miami, NY & LA. If you want to work with me your call is on the other side of the BOOK NOW button in my Instagram Bio. Easy Breezy Branding Intensives Include: • Your 1-on-1 Zoom Call • Ultimate Online Audit • Establishing A Brand Voice • CEO Homework Can’t wait to chat with you😉 Certificate in Media Communications 2018 at Full Sail University Studied Drama at Arts High School Alumni 2015 10 Random Facts: * I went to a performing arts 🎭 school...think High School Musical but black kids * I’m 6’5” * I am an Aries♈️ * I used to work 1:1 with students with special needs 👨‍🏫 * I’m 20 lbs away from a 100 lb weight loss🏋️‍♀️ * I have too many Apple products 📱 * I’m a jukebox and R&B head🎶 * I’m a Generator 🔋 * I produced my own podcast on a radio co-op! 🎙 * I got 1,000 folllowers in 2 months on Clubhouse♣️ #GenZ I'm spilling the real tea on building a digital dynasty from the kitchen table in my business newsletter My MacBook Makes Me Money. get the real tea here: