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June Winters




Comms strategist. 🐣 @ HBO @ MTV @ Newsweek 😃 Directed some fun media projects with/for: the White House; TV series, ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Sex and the City’; Oscar-winning + indie doc films; NGOs- the Council on Foreign Relations, Children’s Defense Fund, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, GLAAD… ⚓️ New York City ✌️ 🚧 🌏 Avid follower of local & national politics + U.S. foreign policy. CH: Politics + Media 101. 🎧 All in on jazz 🎺, soul 🎷, rock ‘n’ roll 🎸+ classical 🎻 the (Songbook) Standards 🎹 + opera. 🎭 CH: Cheerleader for just about every music room here. 🎥 Watching movies can be an experience akin to religious fervor. For me. Sometimes. CH: Criterion Channel, Understanding Movies, Film Talk. 🍇 I am a “natural” wine advocate/enthusiast. Farm-to-barn-to-cellar curious. Avid sipper, quaffer, gulper. #sustainable #organic #biodynamic WSET bound.🍷 CH: Taste Smarter. ✳️ Founder of CH Rooms *Hot Takes on Wine* + *Local Heroes* 🛠 Building community on Clubhouse, one shared story at a time. 👋