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✅ Visit My Linktree in my bio on IG for quick links. I am a passionate community influencer, author, pastor, and mentor who absolutely loves engaging with God’s people through dialogue. Oh yeah, some call me the spiritual father of Clubhouse (not an employee) because of the strong “father” anointing for the fatherless. Losing my dad at 3 years old changed how I see the role and its importance if you are ever in a room with me, the father just comes out!! 🇺🇸 Follow my Club 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 🏠 Conversations w/ Mentor 🏠 NightWatchers Check out what I do 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 🗣Campus Pastor: Beacon Butler Campus (A community church in Huntsville AL under the leadership of Supt. A. E. Wheeler - this is the first church plant of Beacon Hill Worship Center founded by Supt. Wheeler). ✅Former Youth Pastor (Amplify Youth Ministry) ✅Founder of Come Thirsty Ministries Inc., a 501c3 Non Profit Organization. Programs: Focus on the Future Mentor Program, God Girls Rock,  Come Thirsty Kids, Restore Me Community Health Fair ✅ Founder of Willie Diggs Enterprises, LLC ✅ Certified Life Coach (Bloom University) ✅ Mentorship In Minutes ✅Creator of WDTV ~Date Night w/ The Diggs ~ DigginInWithTheDiggs (All things food 🤤) ~ Motivational Moments w/ Pastor Diggs ~ PodcastUniversity (The Mobile Classroom for Leaders) ✅ Professional: Masters Level Social Worker; Asst. Professor & Director of Field Education ✅ Motivational Speaker & Former AAMU TedTalk Marketer. I love traveling to schools (elementary school - college) to empower people to dream! ✅ Community Influencer: I have been serving the community over 20 years. On average , I and my mentees put in over 1000 hours of volunteer hours a year serving the homeless, providing education to low-income communities, facilitating community clean ups and so much more. I use my social work skills paired with my role as a community pastor to go and serve the people. 📚Author: Challenge21 📚Challenge21 Married Couples Edition 📚I AM Somebody 📚 Dear Dad For Sons 📚 Dear Dad For Daughters 📚 My Little Black Book 📚 NightWatchers (Coming Soon) 📖 ✏️ iDream with Coffee Journal (so many more to come) Lets Connect!!! 🔥FB: @iamwilliediggs Cashapp: $iamwilliediggs PayPal: [email protected]